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Jackson, the forest nymph
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"IT'S MINE!!!!"


mark going nuts

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jackson’s veins would probably burst at this rate

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BTS - When They Write Lyrics

  • BTS - Lyrics (Written by S.O.K)
  • Rapmon: guys we need to start writing songs again
  • Suga: let's write about big ringz
  • Rapmon: no
  • Suga: fur coatz
  • Rapmon: yoongi pls
  • Suga: the thug lyfe
  • Rapmon: already dOne NO you aren't allowed to contribute yoongi
  • Jin: what about the struggles...the struggles of living life as an underground rapper...of barely being able to afford food as you try to live life doing what you love
  • Rapmon: ok Jin WHAT are u talking about when were you an underground rapper
  • Jin: you don't know shit about me namjoon
  • Rapmon: taehyung do you have anything
  • V: any what
  • Rapmon: ideas
  • V: for what
  • Rapmon: for a SONG
  • V: ohhhh
  • Rapmon: ......
  • V: ........
  • Rapmon: ??????? So do you????
  • V: do I what
  • Rapmon: oh my GODDDD
  • J-hope: maybe it could be about all the sadness in the world
  • Rapmon:
  • J-hope: and how the only thing that brings us happiness is smiles
  • Rapmon: uuuuuugH
  • J-hope: a smile full of radiance and beauty
  • Rapmon: why are u still talking
  • J-hope: my smile. it brings the most happiness. I'll be the center in the MV of course
  • Jungkook: whOA that sounds like a great idea
  • J-hope: you're learning from the master young one
  • Jungkook: oooo and let's add some butterflies
  • J-hope: wow kookie, you are learning so well, that is a wonderful idea
  • Jungkook: and maybe I can do a cool move like where I'm setting the butterfly free and-
  • Rapmon: first of all, you've aLREADY done that
  • Jungkook: yea but everyone loved it so let's do it again
  • Jimin: uhH what are we doing, a song?
  • Rapmon: yEs jimin
  • Jimin: well what about, a LOVE song
  • Suga: ooooo about who jimin ??
  • Jimin: my angel
  • Suga: omg
  • Jimin: my love
  • Suga: jimin bby
  • Jimin: you are my muse. I could write a million songs about you. how I don't want another pretty face. I don't want just anyone to hold. I don't want our love to go to waste. I want you....and your beautiful soul.
  • Suga: jimin....that...that was beautiful. *starts crying* I don't think anything has ever touched my thug heart so deeply
  • V: jimin, it must be true love if you can just come up with lyrics like that
  • Jungkook: hyung, your words are like a shining light!
  • J-hope: I think we found our new song, right leader?
  • Rapmon: I'm going solo bye
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Ppl rly be like “oppa said he likes sweet pure girls!” Oppa likes titties and ass And some of them like dick honey he fuckin lied on camera bc his mama was watchin And didn’t want her to know he keeps lube in his bedside table

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Japanese Sword

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Measurements: overall length 42 inches

The sword features a scabbard with floral, figures, and animal motifs across the sword and handle. The blade features carved Chinese characters.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Altair Auctions & Appraisals

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